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'defined by creativity'

Being the middle of three generations of film photographers, I always feel extremely proud that photography is firmly embedded in my DNA.  My upbringing of film, piles of negatives, a red box brownie camera and the smell of the darkroom are responsible for my deep, continued interest in shooting film and traditional printing.  Being in the darkroom is hugely important to me, working on Fine Art and personal projects. Away from photography, I satisfy my creative needs by stitching, making and abstract painting, which sometimes seep into my work.

I am perpetually fascinated by the intrinsic beauty and authenticity of nature and how it percolates into our lives, through interior decoration and food.  There's a duality in my work... exploring nature from a lifestyle perspective.

To fuel my vision, academic studies at MMU and University of Gloucestershire have covered Art, Design and Photography, culminating with an MA in Fine Art Photography and papers written on Colour Psychology - all of which continue to feed in to and directly influence my work as a photographer, creative and art director.

I shoot with film and pixels and often fuse the two.