One should not only photograph things for what they are but for what else they are. Minor White


Contemporary Photographic works inspired by the diversity of nature and inextricably rooted in traditional photography, currently exploring a romantic taxonomy of form and narrative… inviting contemplation and reflection.

For me, there is more than my taking a photograph to record a subject… there is too much in my head that I need to communicate.

If all this seems a bit much, then please stay with me… each body of work will be introduced simply so that the viewer will learn what I need to communicate and how I arrived at the visual outcome…

There is a cycle to my work – as a process, I need space to retreat – to think, ponder, to read, to organise and write down thoughts both that will underpin a body of work but also the visual side of things too. My rural Cotswold hills fit this bill perfectly… I need diagrams and notes and sketches and words. When, and only when this is consolidated in my head and I can previsualise the results, will I pick up my camera, by which time, I will have a clear idea of whether I shall capture digitally or by film and so on to achieve the final image… I shall repeat the process to find the optimum printing process and papers for each body of images.

Amongst other things, I am fascinated by the thought of transient beauty – the beauty in any one moment, Japanese Aesthetic, symbolism and organisational systems.

There is an overriding narrative arc to my work that explores a contemporary romantic/poetic study of form, function and femininity through emptiness, nothingness – mininmalism, from the abstract through to a heightened sense of reality.

Through my interest in Japanese Aesthetics, I have come full circle and at the moment am exploring a contemporary take on the Bauhaus and the German New Objectivity Movements which were a reaction to pictorialism. My work fuses both the romantic and the minimal with art and science and will ultimately be printed on very fine handmade Japanese paper.

Over time, people have commented that they find my work calming and meditative. I find this fascinating because when I am working – whether wandering and making visual notes or whether in my studio, behind my camera or in my darkroom experimenting with printing processes, I am most definitely in such a state of high concentration that some may refer to it as mindful… As a result, my work invites contemplation and reflection, I do not attempt to direct the viewer in the outcome, more they should engage with a piece or pieces themselves. This results in different people gaining different emotions from my work.

Photographic works are gathered into thematically sequenced bodies of Limited Edition works.  Each folio fits neatly into this overriding narrative arc – into organizational systems!

From HorsePower | Editioned C type print.

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Welcome to my Studio News section, this is where I'm to chat about the various processes I use together with the thinking behind the various collections.

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