discover | create | nourish 1.3

You will probably know that I love words, language and the typography of definitions! Within these walls I have three sections – discover | create | nourish – are each designed to be a two way style of thinking and working. `i feel I want to share these before we set off…

The thinking behind this is really simple – there is a degree of quiet give and take for your way of thinking and your work. Through discover you will learn new ways and techniques to give to your work. It is that simple!




find unexpectedly or during a search.

I love to explore the thesaurus too - something to ponder  – they give such depth to what we are going to do here.


find | uncover | explore | observe | unearth | spot

Next up, create… which is self explanatory. I hope eventually, that you will not only create your own Painterly Photographs, but also create the various Creative Surface Designs that make up your signature style. If however you do not want to make your own and simply want to create your Painterly Photographs, then all is not lost - I am planning to make my texture layers, colour washes and frame and embellishments available to buy.




bring (something) into existence.


make | develop | design | invent | craft

The final category to be expanded is nourish…

This is a big one and possibly the most unexpected category of the three. If you have read about the workshops I offer, then you will notice that there are two that need mention here…

Nurtured by Nature (photography for wellbeing)

The Art of Textures (Shooting and Making your own textures for Art Photography)

The second is obviously all about all things texture that will be going on here, but the first was born quietly quite a while ago. Over time, I noticed that when I was alone in my studio – either making art work for textures or actually shooting – whether for fine art, textures on commissions – I noticed that I switched off from the goings on in the outside world and became totally engrossed in what I was doing. A stress buster for sure.

Noticing this (dare I use the term?) mindful approach to my work has let to all sorts of things – from my thought provoking #verbsforliving and subsequent work with Michael Townsend Williams over at Breathesync through to the Nurtured by Nature (photography for wellbeing) workshops where we explore, not the subject, but the wellbeing side that photography provides if. we set our intentions.

Within this section, I hope to share all sorts of things in order to show you where I get my inspiration for all this from.  My visual (and creative) nourishment.

Back here, you will see that how our work with textures can not only inspire us but create a harmony in our lives to sustain our wellbeing and feed our souls.




provide with the food or other substances necessary for growth, health, and good condition.

keep (a feeling or believe) in one’s mind, typically for a long time.

discover | create | nourish