Introduction 1.2

The Art of Painterly Photography with Creative Surfaces

How it all evolved…

My life and studies in Art and Design, Photography and Fine Art have became fused to give me a vision - a view of the world that grew slowly and became the Art of Painterly Photography. 

Floral image shot on my beloved Mamiya medium format film camera + a digital overlay

Floral image shot on my beloved Mamiya medium format film camera + a digital overlay

All the traditional elements of tone, texture and harmony together with the use of natural light become a visual meditation - both mindfully in the making and the with the long exhale that viewing of the final image that brought.  Gradually the feedback started to flow - others found calm and tranquility within the photographs.  A reason to pause and breathe…

Working both with film and digitally allowed me to experiment with the notion of fusing the two worlds - traditional and contemporary, as well as layering images and textures together. 

New processing ideas evolved, inspired by artists.  Impressionistic textures - some gentle and light and others stronger, darker, Scandinavian colour palettes, referential elements and background influences, photographic practices and processing insights. 

Creative Surfaces used together, give a sympathetic, signature aesthetic to your work.  They not only add a depth to your narrative but also are capable being used as a means of processing - bringing a light, a harmony and tone… these for now are divided up in to:

Textured surfaces

Colour washes

Frames and embellishments

If you look up Characteristics of a Surface… you will find words such as balance, composition, feeling, nature, pattern, quality, sense, smoothness, structure, surface, taste, touch… and there you will have the whole essence Art of Painterly Photography before you.  It is more than making lovely photographs… it is about making photographs to adorn your walls with depth, with narrative, with your own signature embedded in there.

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