Consider this...

Beauty and wholeness are worth preserving.

Consider this… Photography as a meditation practice.

Hello lovely reader,

How often do you have seemingly unconnected thoughts in your head that are just there? Time will pass and then the wires join? Well, this happened to my a while ago and the result of the fusion is a series of courses that I am planning to share… They have seeds of an idea for a very long time and I haven’t been able to articulate them sufficiently in order to take them further. When this happens, I simply leave them to germinate slowly when the time is right.

You know how I love wandering in the countryside either with my hounds or my camera, drinking it all in - well it was when I was out with my dogs here, that I had that lightbulb moment. I recalled the simple Japanese practice of Shinrin Yoku - forest bathing that brings together ancient ways and wisdom with the latest environmental health science - by coincidence, I have also written about it in the same post too. I was suddenly connecting the benefits being out in nature and photography as a meditation practice. I had long been aware that my own heart rate lowers when I am alone in my studio behind my camera. I had brought together various thoughts and the result was that I had something I wanted to share - a form of creativity that brings about a frame of mind, in which a person actually taking photographs is fully immersed in a feeling of energised focus, full involvement and enjoyment in the process of the activity. In essence, this state of flow is characterised by complete absorption in what one does, and a resulting loss in one's sense of space and time. Share the benefits I glean whilst behind the camera.

Building on those firm foundations already laid…

In order to enter such a state, you obviously have to be totally at ease with the rudiments of photography, hence my foundation courses. This holistic approach was designed specifically with Art Photography and/or Photography for Wellbeing in mind. The craft of how to - the technical side - gently, simply and easily put. All the technical expressions unpacked and understood and go down to form solid foundations on which the rest can be built. Once this is firmly embedded in you, then your mind will be open for the creative side of your mind to work.

I truly believe that there is creativity in each and every one of us. We may choose not to use it or tell ourselves that it isn’t there and so creating a barrier, a block, but I truly do believe that it is in us all.

It is through these courses that I will help you discover the creativity that actually has been there all along, nestling deep within you. The creativity that comes from the fusion of heart and mind and a particular moment.

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Sending a little inspiration your way to unlock that creativity within,


ps By coincidence, I am going a wandering in some bluebell woods this week end with my family as we celebrate Easter. I hope you enjoy the long week end and manage to get out in the countryside. Maybe bring a little nature home too? :)