Photography for Indie and Creative Businesses


Every brand is a creative brand. Why? Branding is storytelling, and storytelling is a creative work.

Steve Jobs.

Following on from my last post, I thought it timely to chat about one of the workshops that I offer - Photography for Indie and Creative Businesses - a guilty pleasure of mine as I get to share my knowledge of branding and my pet passion, Signature Style for your business photography. We also cover the importance of understanding the branding of your business. Don’t worry if you are not this far on with your business…

The day workshop runs from 10 until 4 and will cost (location workshops) £150 and private house workshops (in a host’s home) £115  to include light refreshments, lunch (this often turns out to be a working lunch where people quiz me about their branding and own Signature Style). You get to take home a few resources on your own memory stick to help you on your way… You must bring along your own camera that is capable of shooting manual - either a mirrorless camera or a DSLR. Please bring your instruction manual if you have any doubts about your camera.


The day will be loosely broken up as follows

Welcome coffee and a chance to informally introduce ourselves and our businesses. Then we begin with…

An introduction to branding - understanding brand awareness and consistency and it’s importance for you

We shall look at finding your own Signature Style (see my last post)

We then have a short break

Learn how to find and use natural light or available light

Understand the importance of telling a story with your image

Early-Ish light lunch - I do ensure that my workshop lunches are good, using locally sourced, seasonal food

After lunch we quietly learn to shoot manual on your camera and unpack the confusing language into plain English! Then we put it in to practice with time to take some photographs, with all the support you need to feel confident to shoot manual when you leave and also with the knowledge of knowing about branding and your own Signature Style.

Once these workshop are done, I do find that my lovely students often keep in touch with each other, having found like minded creative thinkers and independent business folk.

If you think this workshop is for you or feel that you would like to host such an event, then please do feel free to contact me. You may like to sign up for my complimentary 7 day mini course to do before the workshop.

I look forwards to seeing you…