[RE]treat 2019 - some postcards

Dear reader and subscriber friends,

If you follow me on social media, you will know that I spend August even further down a path less trodden… a time for me to shut down from the world and apart from pre booked commissioned work, I use the time wisely - for exploring my creative soul.  To recharge my creative batteries. This year has been no different.  Way off the social grid.


Over the years my [RE]treats really have taught me how focus on living - to uncover the assets that are lost by living in the fast lane. Time.  To look within.  To retune.  I allow myself to have space and time to be intoxicated by Mother Nature herself.  Letting things unravel naturally… doing things that align with my world…

I end them feeling all the better for the time and so much more in tune with myself, ready for the upcoming year of creative work that has become my world.

Last year I spent time with my film cameras.  This year you will have found my in the darkroom and mono printing, oil painting, water colour with pen and ink and honing my illustration style.  Making natural dyes and inks and using them to make backdrops for my studio.  Taking workshops.  Taking time….

I have also been wandering.  Wandering and lost down country lanes and in my own thoughts - rêveries of the very best kind.

Here’s a little video that I’ve put together for you - a challenge to myself whilst on my [RE]treat.  Very basic, but I hope you like it…

I hope you had the best Summer, even though it was generally grim weather wise, here in the UK.  I cannot believe that we are already coming to the end of early Autumn here.  I have lots of new work and projects on the go,  so I shall be keeping my head down and filling my eyes with beautiful colours from nature - all foraged, grown and gifted too, from kind neighbours and friends.  I really do feel that loosing yourself in nature is the very best way to beat the Winter blues.

Thank you for taking the time to stop by and read and watch,

Sending happiness