Pastures old and new

We did it!

Quietly, beginning to unpack boxes and sorting my new studio and home in Cheshire. After well over a decade working and living in my beloved Cotswolds, the longing to be closer to my family took me back to the beautiful county where it all began.


to the beautiful county where it all began.


I'm starting from a new baseline with a lot of my work, it's both scary and exiting at the same time, but I'm looking forwards to the new adventures ahead.  Firstly, exploring this local area and gradually radiating outwards. I feel privileged to be able to build a new garden and my new studio in a lovely old building and many friendships along the way.  Noting new light and shadows, seasonal colours and textures and oh those beautiful old buildings and spaces... Not to mention the distinctive bricks and windows of the older buildings that I remember from my childhood.. 

The photography community in Cheshire has been most welcoming and already I have things penned in my diary - and I've only just arrived.  From workshops and photography for creative businesses, through to new, long term projects with the RSA AND some online courses.  More of all this in due course...  Thank you for the welcome people, you know who you are.

I have been thinking a lot too about my like minded friends who are scattered across the globe… from the Cotswolds to Paris, tiny Scottish Islands and beyond. How lucky are we that we live in an age of Skype and Zoom and the rest so we can stay in touch at the touch of a button?

In the meantime, I'm carrying on with my work in lifestyle and fine art photography - there’s simply a shift in geography of my studio. I also have lots of plans for new offerings in the pipeline.