There’s nothing wrong with things taking time.
James Dyson

During August, I retreat from the digital world into the world of analogue photography.  I need this time to refresh and relax. Apart from a couple of Portrait Days, leaving the world of pixels allows me to focus on my film photography - a time to explore fresh ideas and to experiment... 

I'll be found with my trusty Mamiya and I shall also be dusting of my beloved large format sheet film camera working on new, creative projects.  I need this time with film, just to be and breathe... I call it finding my true north, re calibrating, grounding myself.  On retreat.  On recharge.

I'll be back all ready for Autumn and everything the season offers, but until then I hope you all have a wonderful late summer with exciting adventures, the stuff of lifelong memories.

Until then,


Now welcoming bookings for Autumn.

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Hi there,

Imagine rain, cooler days and log fires... as I'm writing this, the forecast includes no rain (still!) and temperatures over 30 degrees!!!

I'm just wrapping up on some of my current projects before my annual August retreat to recharge my batteries, to slow down, recalibrate my creative compass and giving my film projects the attention they deserve. They've been neglected of late, knowing that this time was coming.


I'm welcoming

bookings for Autumn

I really can't believe that I'm saying this already, but, I'm now opening my diary for the Autumn, so, if you have new projects afoot and thinking you need some photographs for branding - either business or personal, if you have new products coming online or simply need imagery to refresh your website, then I'd love to work with you...

Through this last month of Summer, maybe you're thinking its time to commission portraits of your little, or not so little children. Maybe your thinking its time to update your children's ongoing folio? Now is the time to get in touch as I'm also accepting commissions for bespoke portraits.

If you are watching for my next phase of portrait days, I shall be launching these in September. 

Interested? Simply drop me an email, let's chat.  Other than that, enjoy the last of this remarkable Summer.





The story behind the Cottage Garden Series.

As a teenager, I stumbled upon the history of the English cottage garden.  I was hooked by both the very sight of then and also their rich history and all that this brought, including Helen Allingham's chocolate-box views of tumbledown cottages with flower-filled front gardens.  Behind the romance that she portrayed in her art, there was poverty and hard work.

The earliest cottage gardens were practical out of necessity, provided nourishment for poor cottage dwellers.  With focus on vegetables and herbs and fruit trees, a beehive and possibly livestock could often be found.  Flowers were used to fill space and, gradually became more dominant. They also had a practical use - edible flowers used as a food and fragrant ones used to make pot pouring or were strewn on the floors to combat odours. The traditional cottage garden was usually enclosed, perhaps with a rose-bowered gateway.

Cottager’s plots were small and crammed with plants for maximum productivity.    Increased prosperity during the Elizabethan era meant that cottagers could afford to grow more flowers. Some still had functional uses -  violets which were strewn on cottage floors as their scent deterred vermin. Other flowers, hollyhocks for example were grown for their beauty and nothing more .

There is nothing pretentious about these cottage gardens. copy.jpg

Cottage Garden Series

Limited Edition Prints

A few years ago, I was fortunate enough to be able to photograph a traditional English cottage garden where fruit, vegetables, herbs and flowers to decorate the house were grown cheek by jowl. I wanted to record the contents of this garden in line with my passion for the Florilegium. I felt it acknowledged the historical side beautifully. 

Each editioned image is carefully printed onto a Baryta/Fibre based silver gelatin photographic paper based upon traditional B&W silver halide technology which has beautiful panchromatic sensitivity.  Again this printing process and use of the particular nods gently at then historical base of this series.  The Series can be found here.

Back soon,


Brand and Editorial Photography


What your commercial shoot will look like...

Hi there and welcome,

I really do enjoy Brand and Editorial Photography - shoots for small businesses and personal branding.  They have become my guilty pleasure, allowing me to utilise my knowledge and passion gained from my studies in Design...

If you have arrived here from the page that gives a few words about a commercial shoot for your business or personal branding, you may be wondering what a commercial shoot will me actually looks like and what is involved.  I thought I would write a few words here to give you an insight as to what actually goes on...

Whether you are a new business just starting out or an established business needing a brand update, then I would love to work with you,  With shoots from 2 hours to a full day, I offer a pre shoot consultation including optional creative direction.  We will work to build you a brand image library, consisting of relaxed portraits, images of any processes and workspaces, products and additional images for marketing and editorial pieces.

Once you have booked your shoot and viewing, this is an overview of the stages:

PRE SHOOT CONSULTATION by Skype, photo or over coffee somewhere.  This is where we will chat about your shoot requirements - whether you need portrait, shots of your space, product, editorial.  Whether you will need optional Creative Direction or Hair and make up.  

We will find a relaxed environment for your portrait - indoors or out, your place or my studio.



Maybe it is here we shall discuss any ambient media you may be needing from my existing portfolio or content creation for you in my studio - this may be a separate, stand alone shoot at my studio where you are not present.  This may be exactly what you are looking for and no more.

We shall go through questions such as what's your style, your story, locations, we shall create a shoot list and discuss any props and styling needed.

DELIVERY OF SHOOT SCHEDULE to help you on the day. This is a guide only, and not a minute by minute account

THE SHOOT will become less daunting, smoother because we have had a thorough Pre shoot consultation.  This will leave us to pack much more into your shoot. 

THE VIEWING of your images will generally be at my studio.  After I have processed and prepared your curated collection. your images will be presented to you in their end form - in print as a large format contact sheet or on screen as a slideshow.   It is here that we will work together to make the final selection.

DELIVERY OF IMAGES  The final images will be delivered in whatever form is needed.  Digitally both high resolution for print and low resolution for screen and as framed prints if needed and chosen. 

Hope this helps...