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Looking back as late Summer becomes early Autumn


Wow! Please tell me where did the Summer go? It seems only yesterday that I was writing about Spring turning into Summer!  And what a Summer it was... Like no other weather wise with records for temperatures and no rain etc being broken time after time.  Personal branding projects, portraits and commissions all make for a busy life.  One overriding thing that I shall remember from this summer, apart from the temperatures is that of the stunning desaturated colours of the landscape and buildings, given from the lack of rain and the high temperatures... amazing. 

Then cometh August, my month to go absolutely know where and a time to seize the opportunity to refresh, recharge, recalibrate. Be slow. Simply breathe.  I take this time to send my digital kit to be recalibrated and cleaned too. Whilst it's away, I focus on my Fine Art work on film. Working with my old medium format cameras is my way to explore creative possibilities that have been sketched out during the year. 

This is the month that allows me to focus, to plot and plan for the coming year or season too... making and building on my texture library, Portrait Days, new workshops - both on and off line, planning Mentoring sessions, location scouting, sorting new photographs for my shop, website updates and more...

For the future, I am releasing dates for my Autumn Portrait Days and workshops very soon.  If you are interested in 1:1 mentoring or setting up a bespoke workshop or portrait please contact me.

Autumn is one of my favourite seasons, with those incredible colours when leaves turn golden browns, oranges and reds. The smell of the bonfires and smoke in an evening from open fires and wood burning stoves that the cooler and darker evenings bring and that gorgeous, mellow light. The time to gather berries and more from our abundant hedgerows.

My Portrait Days are always open to businesses too offered during Autumn proper. Maybe your business hat and business branding shows traits of Autumn - may be organic, focussed, passionate and compassionate. You may be at home in the outdoors in your downtime or your business may be outdoors, in part or wholly and so tend to be very environmentally aware and have a strong connection with nature.

Whether you are wanting some portraits of your little ones in the Autumn light or you need business portraits of you and some of your team, then do get in touch, I would love to chat with you…

If you are a new business just starting out or an established business needing a brand update, or needing some of my content creation images, then I would love to work with you.  Simply get in touch to chat further.





There’s nothing wrong with things taking time.
James Dyson

During August, I retreat from the digital world into the world of analogue photography.  I need this time to refresh and relax. Apart from a couple of Portrait Days, leaving the world of pixels allows me to focus on my film photography - a time to explore fresh ideas and to experiment... 

I'll be found with my trusty Mamiya and I shall also be dusting of my beloved large format sheet film camera working on new, creative projects.  I need this time with film, just to be and breathe... I call it finding my true north, re calibrating, grounding myself.  On retreat.  On recharge.

I'll be back all ready for Autumn and everything the season offers, but until then I hope you all have a wonderful late summer with exciting adventures, the stuff of lifelong memories.

Until then,


Brand and Editorial Photography


What your commercial shoot will look like...

Hi there and welcome,

I really do enjoy Brand and Editorial Photography - shoots for small businesses and personal branding.  They have become my guilty pleasure, allowing me to utilise my knowledge and passion gained from my studies in Design...

If you have arrived here from the page that gives a few words about a commercial shoot for your business or personal branding, you may be wondering what a commercial shoot will me actually looks like and what is involved.  I thought I would write a few words here to give you an insight as to what actually goes on...

Whether you are a new business just starting out or an established business needing a brand update, then I would love to work with you,  With shoots from 2 hours to a full day, I offer a pre shoot consultation including optional creative direction.  We will work to build you a brand image library, consisting of relaxed portraits, images of any processes and workspaces, products and additional images for marketing and editorial pieces.

Once you have booked your shoot and viewing, this is an overview of the stages:

PRE SHOOT CONSULTATION by Skype, photo or over coffee somewhere.  This is where we will chat about your shoot requirements - whether you need portrait, shots of your space, product, editorial.  Whether you will need optional Creative Direction or Hair and make up.  

We will find a relaxed environment for your portrait - indoors or out, your place or my studio.



Maybe it is here we shall discuss any ambient media you may be needing from my existing portfolio or content creation for you in my studio - this may be a separate, stand alone shoot at my studio where you are not present.  This may be exactly what you are looking for and no more.

We shall go through questions such as what's your style, your story, locations, we shall create a shoot list and discuss any props and styling needed.

DELIVERY OF SHOOT SCHEDULE to help you on the day. This is a guide only, and not a minute by minute account

THE SHOOT will become less daunting, smoother because we have had a thorough Pre shoot consultation.  This will leave us to pack much more into your shoot. 

THE VIEWING of your images will generally be at my studio.  After I have processed and prepared your curated collection. your images will be presented to you in their end form - in print as a large format contact sheet or on screen as a slideshow.   It is here that we will work together to make the final selection.

DELIVERY OF IMAGES  The final images will be delivered in whatever form is needed.  Digitally both high resolution for print and low resolution for screen and as framed prints if needed and chosen. 

Hope this helps...


Looking back as late Spring becomes early Summer


I love the way my the work has its own natural rhythm that reflects the seasons... I suppose it is inevitable really as it is loosely based around nature and I tend to use natural light to work with - even if that entails 30 second exposures.

Spring generally kicks off my photography year and this one has been no exception.  I am lucky that I get to work with artisan food producers, whose work also reflects the seasons.  I thought I would share some of my latest work - all food centred for such people together with some of my own content creation that I gather to support my lovely commercial clients who need further images to add clarity to their business or personal branding, editorial work and other projects.

If you are a new business just starting out or an established business needing a brand update, or needing some of my content creation images, then I would love to work with you.  Simply get in touch to chat further.