Collected Calm.

Finding little pockets of clarity.

A personal research project that builds on my research area of Colour | its origins, meanings and psychology.


Being a creative in a world of noise - both sound and technology - the idea of bringing some calm to our lives, using technology appeals to me.

Through my longstanding fascination of colour - its origins, meanings and psychology - this current project was born.  I am looking to bring calm to our daily lives by fusing creativity and technology, and spread the word to all ages and all people, even those who tell me they are not creative!  Just the want to find calm in our busy world will be enough.

I now use my tiny Lumix camera as my means of collecting calm... but you could use your phone or tablet.  If you are interested in learning more, then simply email me, join one of my workshops, Photography for Wellbeing or, sign up to my newsletter for updates.


Nature is all around us. It surrounds us, even in our darkest, concrete jungles. We, you and me - and all of us - we are nature. It binds us. Revives us. Look and you will find, slow down, hell! Stop for five minutes and watch even the frailest dandelions dancing in the breeze.  Rachel Barker RSA.