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Hake brush on old boards
Candles and tea bowl
Close up of a White Amaryllis flower
Blue pattern
Chrysanthemum Avignon in a Jug
Close up of a pale pink Lisianthus
Study of a pink Tulip
Close up of Ranunculus Clooney Hanoi,
Close up of a Ranunculus Clooney Hanoi,
Close up of Ranunculus Clooney Hanoi,
Poppy seedhead in the green
Study of a Poppy
Study of a Poppy
Study of a Muscari flower
Portrait of Lily of the Valley
Lisianthus skirt
Portrait of Anemone blanda
Close up of iris Beverley Sillis
Iris Beverley Sillis on watercolour background
Summer Posy
Close up of Summer Posy
Salsify Seedhead in a country garden
Salsify seedhead burst.
Poppy close up
Plum  poppy
Study of a Hurst Green Shaft flower.
Pea Hurst Green Shaft flower in a garden
Peony Sarah Bernhardt on cloth
Paeony Sarah Bernhardt in bottle
Wool and knitting needles on cloth
Tea by candle light
Two white Pumpkins
Still life with foraged woodland treasures
Mushroom with feather and lichen
Close up of Mushrooms
Mushrooms on wood
Study of iris katharine hodgkin
Honey garlic on white
Dandelion seedhead on white background
Bowl of hens eggs
A clutch of quail and coloured hens eggs
Close up of Cyclamen persicum
Close up of Cyclamen persicum
Single candle
Wild Orchid
A stem of Meadowsweet in a bottle.
Lone poppy seedhead in black and white
Black and white close up photograph of a Magnolia flower
Close up of the centre of a white Magnolia flower
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