First things first.


At long last I can get writing about all that I have discovered about achieving my own style of photography that has become known as my Art of Texture. After months of planning and tinkering, I am now free to share. I have lots in the pipeline, but… first things first…

I run workshops and come across quite a few people who are only just getting their DSLR out of the box or haven’t even bought theirs yet. So, if you are a little more experienced, then forgive me whilst I chat about the very foundations of the Art of Textures – a good strong, solid image on which to work. Adding texture and other embellishments CANNOT make a poor photograph good!

I liken crafting a painterly, meaningful piece of photographic art to building a house – from the ground up, built on strong foundations that cannot be seen but will sustain the house for a very long time.

What are the foundations I hear you ask.

For me, simply put, they can be divided up into three components:

  • good composition

  • successful lighting that is both correct and relevant to your image. For my work, I prefer to utilise natural light. You may want to use your studio lighting set up – that’s absolutely fine… You may choose directional or even light and infill to flatten/reduce strong shadows with reflectors for a softer result.

  • harmonious colour combinations. If you don’t feel confident about this, then look up colour harmonies; complementary, analogous, triads, split complementaries and more. Don’t be scared of the language – maybe treat yourself to a colour wheel.

Having said all this, please, please, please proceed with an open mind! You have an idea of what you want the end result to be but by having your mind wide open, then you may just welcome the unexpected/serendipitous that may just make a difference to your work and take you on a completely new pathway that becomes your whole world!

Your own, signature style is hidden within you and know one else…

HEALTHWARNING: The Art of Texture can become addictive!!!

Enjoy your travels,