Photography that celebrates a slower pace of life.

We have all heard of such idioms as buy less buy better and less is more and so on. My signature style of photography - quiet, considered observations - is a reoccurring theme that runs through the very framework of my life - from my own lifestyle through to the way  prefer to run my business.  A basic philosophy of thoughtful, intentional and paying attention to detail.



My approach - life, photographic style, business

Taking time - simply to give everything my upmost attention.  Slowing down and paying attention to those small moments that allow us to focus on the now... preserving that split second in the everyday, that moment, sensitive views of an everyday moment - recognising it's true meaning and value with my pared back timeless, classic aesthetic.

Process and the edit - iterative design

'Iterative design is a design methodology based on a cyclic process of prototyping, testing, analysing, and refining a product or process. Based on the results of testing the most recent iteration of a design, changes and refinements are made.'

This is how I work - constantly seeking to refine... from my lovely client's experience, through my photography, to the way the images are actually delivered.  I am perpetually making contact sheets, crafting mock ups, testing, analysing, and refining a product or process.



My PEOPLE - affinity for thoughtful quality

My people, my students, my clients… I know you all have an affinity for wholehearted storytelling. They are drawn to the individual and unique over short term trends.  Dedicated to process, materials and design - they appreciate the well crafted and handmade - thoughtful quality.  They feel that the value of such items increases with time as they learn and preserve the story of their creation. They value nature and seasonal food and wellbeing.

The central tenent of the slow philosophy is taking time to do things properly, and thereby enjoy them more.

Carl Honoré.  In Praise of Slow.