Bespoke Portrait

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The Portrait - an artful approach.

The foundation of photography has always been the print.  Drawing on the specialisms gained during my MA studies in Fine Art Photography, I adore collaborating with my clients to create a piece of work that is current yet classic, timeless.  An artefact.

In an age of digital output for screen, the photographic print is a collectable and as such, has a greater intrinsic value to those who own it.  A new context. Creating Portraits for the sole purpose of display, either presented in a handmade print box, in a frame to adorn your walls or in a Fine Art book.

Each step of the process is thoughtful on my part - my process is iterative - as you will have read here.  One of constant refinement.  Every presentation - whether a print in frame, box or book will have its own story... from the person who made your print box in the bindery, the choice of fabric or the person who crafted your photographic print. 

Taking time to do things with care and intention.

Your Portrait.

I adore working with children, young people and their pets or horses.  Working with peaceful, unobtrusive observation, I quietly record the story that unfolds, preserving those unguarded moments when their character shines through.  Shoots are not staged, but rather softly directed.  This approach puts the subject at ease.  See my folio here.

Accepting only a handful of portrait shoots a year, I am available for sessions lasting from 2 hours to a full day, depending on the tales to be told.  I prefer to shoot fewer sessions, as this enables me to provide a better service, giving my clients the best experience I can and offer upmost attention to details at every stage.