welcome and thank you for dropping by…


I consider myself to be an all-round creative - born with a camera in my hand and a life long interest in design. I spend my time in Cheshire, the Cotswold and London, working as a full time Photographer, Artist and Creative Designer - focussing on Lifestyle and Fine Art Photography and Creative Direction. I work in both film digital medium and often fuse the two through my Fine Art work.


From local food, flowers or location promotion to brand and lifestyle photography, I am absolutely passionate about the people behind every craft, destination, dish or service - of telling client stories - to tell the story in the best way.  I look for the details that make you stop, consider or ask a question. If you're looking for photography that tells your story,  do contact me for a chat.


Through my life long interest in photography and design, I have developed a passion to share my knowledge. I am more than happy to give support and guidance through Zoom/FaceTime and email but, I do love to work face to face with people and offer group and 1:1 workshops. I am also available for collaborations with other creatives and happy to discuss commissions.