whole-hearted natural light photography

sharing my passion and creative heart through retreats, workshops and courses plus a sprinkling of online courses

and breathing life into personal and business brands.

A Vision Found…

quietly making intentional, considered, thoughtful photos that celebrate a slower pace of life.
2019 online courses and lifestyle work.

I am seeking, I am striving, I am in it with all my heart.
Vincent Van Gogh.

Bringing your vision to life - beautifully…


from my journal - stories in the key of life…

New Shoots Magazine

Every once in a while, I send out my New Shoots Magazine. More of a magazine and less of a newsletter - AND in the spirit of all good publications I’ll send out occassional supplements - Letters from the Studio - as and when I have news and things for you that cannot wait until the next issue.

It’s full of thoughts to inspire, I chat about processes, my workshops and online offerings, books to read and more...

You will also receive access to my Inspiration Library - a place where you can read the (growing) collection eBooks to inspire plus a few desktop wallpapers that will turn your computer into your very own zen den.

I’m enjoying reading your new magazine. Reading it makes me feel calm - and inspired.
Colin Smith LRPS

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