Natural light photographer working across food, lifestyle and portraiture.


My signature style brings a quiet, considered observation to both commercial work and private portrait photography. Shot in my natural light studio and on location - indoors or out - creating immediate, yet timeless photographs using my passion for light and space, the seasons, tone, texture - often using my beloved poetic, subdued colour palette.

I like to work with like minded people - those with an affinity for wholehearted storytelling...

And drawn to the individual and unique over short term trends and, just like me, dedicated to process, materials and design - they appreciate the well crafted and handmade - thoughtful quality.  As they learn and preserve the story of their creation, they feel the value of such objects increase with time.  They value nature and seasonal food and wellbeing. Working like this, I can bring so much more to each and every shoot and project…

Photography for people who care.


The central tenent of the slow philosophy is taking time to do things properly, and thereby enjoy them more.

Carl Honoré.  In Praise of Slow.

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