Les Trois Mousquetaires including a very old selfie on film.

Behind the lens...

A style born out of a sense of place, a deep love of country and a particular colour palette.

Contemporary Fine Art Photography…

Being the middle of three generations of film photographers, I always feel extremely proud that photography is firmly embedded in my DNA. My upbringing of film, piles of negatives, a red box brownie camera and the smell of the darkroom are responsible for my deep, continued interest in shooting film and traditional printing. Being in the darkroom is hugely important to me, working on Contemporary Fine Art Photography and personal projects.

I shoot with both film and pixels. My work occupies the threshold space where the disciplines of art, design and photography overlap, merge and coexist.

To my fuel vision, quality time spent at the Manchester School of Art and University of Gloucestershire covered these three disciplines, culminating with an MA in Fine Art Photography and papers written on Colour Psychology - all of which continue to feed in to and directly influence my work.  As a result of my research into Minimalism, I have become fascinated by both Scandinavian and Japanese Aesthetics which has influenced my photographic style.

Local food, flowers + travel to brand + lifestyle photography,…

Being a very sociable soul, away from my Fine Art practice, I do love to work with clients to tell their stories. I prefer to delve a little deeper into a client’s business to produce the very best images. I am absolutely passionate about the people behind every craft, destination, dish or service - of telling client’s stories through photography - to tell the best version of that story using my signature style - bright and airy or a little darker and moody as needed - all with my signature colour palette and a sparseness that allows room for consideration and the story to develop. Quiet, considered, thoughtful.

Away from the Lens…

Away from my work in Photography, Creative Direction and Mentoring, I can be found in my studio exploring meditative painting and printing - all grounded in nature, of course. Inevitably, the work here does feed into my office hours.

My research into Colour - its origins, meanings and psychology continues...

I am available for

Lifestyle Collaborations and commissions

Fine Art Photography commissions

Interior decorating and other bespoke projects.

Photographer | Creative Director | Creative Mentor


Autumn Show Exhibitor

2011, 2012, 2013, 2014

Published | Collection 01

Published | Collection 01