intuitive natural light photography

a Vision Found…

sharing my passion and creative heart

- quietly making intentional, considered, thoughtful photos that observe a slower pace of life -

I am available for…

Lifestyle commissions - breathing life into your personal and business brand

through Photography and Creative Direction

Online Creative Coaching

Fine Art Photography commissions

and other bespoke projects.

I am seeking, I am striving, I am in it with all my heart.
Vincent Van Gogh.

Bringing your vision to life - beautifully…

from my journal - stories in the key of life…

My instinct tells me there are little pockets of joy everywhere, just waiting to be found…

Taking pictures is savoring life intensely, every hundredth of a second. Marc Riboud

… like tiny jewels in rubbish, they are waiting to catch your complete gaze for a moment.

I would love to help you find these moments of joy, through your photography… to record and elevate ordinary moments to extra-ordinary. Precious moments, like jewels shine a little brighter when taken care of.


New Shoots Magazine

Every Season, I send out my New Shoots Magazine. More of a magazine and less of a newsletter - AND in the spirit of all good publications I’ll send out occassional supplements - Letters from the Studio - as and when I have news and things for you that cannot wait until the next issue.

It’s full of thoughts to inspire, I chat about processes, my workshops and online offerings, books to read and more...

I’ll also give you a key to my Inspiration Library - a place where you can read the (growing) collection eBooks to inspire plus a few desktop wallpapers that will turn your computer into your very own zen den.

I’m enjoying reading your new magazine. Reading it makes me feel calm - and inspired.
Colin Smith LRPS

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